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We are proud to use medical grade and FDA approved professional skin care line France Laure for all our facials and facial treatments.


European Facial

This facial is based on Day to Day skin care needs and is customized to specific needs. It will leave your skin clean and refreshed.


Hydrating Facial

This facial is a deeply hydrating, Skin Scrubber is fantastic for lifting dead skin cells without the friction or abrasion that may increase sensitivities to various skin conditions such as pigmentation, wrinkles, or acne skin, safe, and effective. 

Hydro serum give a softer texture by providing instant relief for dry, itchy skin.

Hyaluronic acid mask promotes superior moisture retention,  boosts skin moisture and plumps surrounding tissues, improve moisture balance by improving the skin's barrier function, promotes collagen synthesis to retain elasticity and firmness.


Microdermabrasion Facial

This facial will refresh and renew the skin by removing dead skin cells with microdermabrasion machine that will re-texture, refine and regenerate cells for a healthy skin complexion and is also excellent for polishing and brightening skin color. 

Illuminate enzymatic exfoliator eliminates surface dead skin cells without rubbing,

Refines and reduces wrinkles and fine lines, even in the eye contour area. Brings about suppleness, softness, and glow to the skin.

Customized finishing mask.


Acne Facial

This facial is for clients whose skin is prone to blackheads and acne.

This facial include deep enzyme peel and Antibacterial oxygen treatment. Balance Sebo-control mask that reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, absorbs excess sebum, hydrates and has a lightening mattifying effec. 

Celluma LED (light therapy treatment-FDA-CLEARED for acne)


Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning is a skin treatment that exfoliates dead skin cells with added benefit of removing vellus hair.  customized finishing mask.


Sensitive Skin Facial

This Gentle Facial is designed for sensitive and rosacea-prone skin and will treat redness, irritation and burning sensation.

Sensitive oxygen treatment restores balance to skin, clarifies skin for a healthy skin complexion​, energizes cellular metabolism, restores vitality to skin​, desensitizes sensitive and reactive skin conditions., improves skin texture​, minimizes skin redness and irritation.

Ceramide serum holds skin cells together, forming a protective layer that plumps the skin and improve the skin's texture and help calm signs of sensitivity.

Anti-inflammatory and soothing CBD mask will reduce redness and help manage conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.


Glow Facial

Microdermabrasion will gently remove dead skin cells.

illuminate enzymatic Exfoliator eliminates surface dead skin cells without rubbing.

Brightening oxygen infusion brightens and lightens the skin.

Vitamis C serum protects the skin against UV-induced damage, one of the best treatments for skin brightening and treating unwanted pigmentation.

Brightening Complex mask illuminates the skin to reveal a subtle glow, reduces pigmentation and diminishes the appearance of age spots, blemishes and discoloration.


Resurfacing Facial

Ultrasonic Treatment- high level sound wave technology is used to cleanse, exfoliate

and is excellent for lifting dead skin cells.

Diamond tip Microdermabrasion will re-texture, refine and regenerate cells for a healthy skin complexion and is also excellent for polishing and brightening skin color. 

Oxygen Infusion ACE complex gives all skin a nutritional start. A,C,E complexes are powerful antioxidants that increase the ability for the skin to defend, repair and recover from daily stress. 

Collagen serum has antioxidant properties and  will give the skin elasticity.

Antioxidant GOJI mask helps eliminate free radicals and damage to the skin, promotes anti-aging, helps facilitate skin repairs by promoting dermis and epidermis regeneration, increases collagen levels and boosts skin fullness.



Also known as collagen induction therapy. It is minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that helps minimize the signs of aging, improve appearance of acne scars and promote production of collagen and elastin.


Microneedling with Celluma LED (light therapy treatment-FDA-CLEARED for wrinkles)


Microneedling with microdermabrasion 


Microneedling with microdermabrasion and Celluma LED 


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